Secretary of State. Governor. Senator. Evan Bayh has held many titles. But according to recent reports he’s added another to his resume, one that might help him obtain the prestigious title he’s longed for all this time.

Meet Evan Bayh…the Bundler.

How did he do it? He’s been busy raising dough. Lots and lots of dough.

Bayh is listed as one of the top bundlers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Of the $47.5 million pumped into her coffers since April 4, at least $100,000 was the result of Bayh’s dialing for dollars.

Ordinarily becoming a bundler is ho-hum political fare. In the case of Bayh, however, it’s not.

In announcing his departure from the U.S. Senate in 2010, Bayh penned an op-ed from the New York Timesthat decried, among other things, the “corrosive effect” raising campaign cash has on the legislative process.

“In the Senate,” Bayh wrote, “raising in small increments the $10 million to $20 million a competitive race requires takes huge amounts of time that could otherwise be spent talking with constituents, legislating or becoming well-versed on public policy.”

He went on to advocate for “public matching funds” to “expand democratic participation and increase the influence of small donors relative to corporations and other special interests.”

Now that he has more time on his hands, Bayh the Bundler seem less concerned with those small donors and more enamored with forging a path to the general election ticket.