Few people have had the front row seat to local, state and national politics that Dick Lugar has had in his life. The former United States Senator and one-time presidential candidate joins us to discuss his thoughts on how policy makers should respond to the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida; foreign policy as it relates to the presidential campaign, his thoughts on the lost art of bipartisanship and the importance of global food security. In the Word Association Game, Lugar shares his reaction to Indiana, Sam Nunn and Richard Nixon.

A full list of questions asked during the show include:

  • What should be, if anything, the political response to the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida?
  • What is the most pressing national security/foreign policy issue facing the next president and next Congress and is there one presidential candidate today that Sen. Lugar trusts more than the other to handle those issues?
  • The American people who shown an interest in elevating “outsiders” – those with little to no public policy experience – to high elected office. Considering that Donald Trump, for example, would be the first major party nominee with no access to any type of intelligence briefing at any level ever in his life, how does this all impact national security and foreign policy discussions?
  • How did Dick Lugar, originally known as someone who reformed local government, shift to becoming an internationally minded leader on foreign policy in the Senate?
  • Is there a place for civility in politics today or is the lost art of bipartisanship actually lost?
  • What can policy makers do to enhance global food security?
  • What is Lugar’s favorite country that he’s been to?
  • Word Association: Indiana, Sam Nunn, Richard Nixon