The Republican National Convention is producing a little more drama and RNC Member Bruce Ash of Arizona, the chairman of the Standing Committee on Rules, is out to stop the growing movement to pass a “conscience clause” in its tracks. He recently sent a letter to his fellow RNC members calling out efforts to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination for president and he joins The Front Row Seat Presents to explain why. We also discuss John McCain’s re-election prospects in Arizona and Ash tell us what pops into his mind when he hears John McCain, Arizona State University and Tucson in the Word Association Game.

·        Discussions about a conscience clause have been going on for weeks now and have been dismissed by Donald Trump himself, so why was Bruce Ash compelled to write a letter to his fellow RNC members?

·        Would he have been ok with delegates voting their conscience if the convention went to a second ballot?

·        In his letter to RNC members, Ash mentions Trump’s “huge” flaws. What does he believe those are and is he concerned like one other RNC member that “if Trump is the nominee, we truly believe it’s the end of our party”?

·        Considering there’s been friction between RNC leadership and Ash over the years, has he lost confidence in Chairman Reince Priebus and his ability to weather the storm and get through this convention without chaos ensuing?

·        Will Donald Trump win Arizona? Is there any chance that the Hispanic vote will turn against him and flip the state?

·        As someone who’s been a strong supporter of Senator John McCain over the years, is Ash concerned about either McCain’s primary opponent or his general election opponent?