In one press conference yesterday, Speaker John Gregg contradicted three pillars of his campaign for governor (assuming that’s what he’s running for…it’s hard to tell sometimes).

A Happy Campaign?
SHOT:  Speaker John Gregg said he would run “a happy campaign because a happy campaign is a winning campaign.”  (Lesley Stedman Weidenbener, “John Gregg-Mike Pence matchup could be fun,” Courier-Journal, 5/21/11)

CHASER: “John Gregg in attack mode.” – Jim Shella, WISH-TV, 6/5/12

A Campaign About Jobs?
SHOT: “One second not spent on jobs and how that is entwined with education is just a second wasted.” – Speaker John Gregg, WTHR, 3/23/12

CHASER:@GreggForGov holds news conference at Planned Parenthood Indy office…” – Mary Beth Schneider Twitter Feed, 6/4/12

SHOT: “He’s been an extremist all along.” – Speaker John Gregg, 6/4/12

CHASER: “[Mike Pence] may be the only conservative who is truly compassionate. He can disagree with you and you can talk with him.  He will debate in a logical, even-handed manner.” – John Gregg, Indianapolis Star, 6/4/10