FULL LENGTH HAN SOLO MOVIE? YES, PLEASE – – – Han Solo could get his own feature length film in the new brave world of Star Wars as presented by Disney.  The Mickey Mouse franchise owners say Star Wars Episode VII is coming in 2015, along with a series of one-off movies that will fill in holes about the backgrounds of characters like Solo, Obi-wan, and others.

SNL MAKE-OVER – – – Saturday Night Live, which has seen plenty of ups & downs in its cultural significance in recent years (and decades) is undergoing a wholesale make-over after the departures of some of its mainstays.  Who could be the next SNL’er to capture the hearts of America through laughs?

OH, ON THAT NOTE – – – Among the newest SNL cast members?  This guy from the AT&T commercials.

HOW DOES THE DAILY SHOW DO IT? – – – Ever wonder how The Daily Show can access just the right clips from long ago every single night?  The secret sauce is here.

PEN PALS (IRANIAN EDITION) – – – President Obama has a new pen pal…Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (or is it Rowhani? Maybe Rohani?).

AMERICANS FINALLY LIKE JOHN KERRY – – – Is this redemption for the mighty JFK?  He’s polling above his boss in Gallup’s latest set of approval ratings.