A toddler fell into the Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla habitat. A gorilla grabbed the child. After a few tense moments, the gorilla was shot. What would Donald Trump have done if faced with a similar situation? Come on, don’t act like you didn’t instantly ask yourself that question when you saw the news.

Ok, you’re normal (I presume) and that was the furthest thought from your mind. But that wasn’t the case for Yahoo! News’ Hunter Walker. Given the opportunity to ask the presumptive Republican nominee a question at a live televised press conference today, Walker asked Trump to weigh in on the zoo controversy. Would he have shot the gorilla? (You know, in the same fashion that Obama shot bin Laden…himself).

Walker has taken a lot of flak for asking the question considering a president would never be faced with such a decision – or would he/she? Maybe in a Trump Administration the Cincinnati Zoo will be forced to call an Oval Office Animal Control Hotline to gauge Trump’s feelings about toddler/gorilla relations. Maybe the buck would stop with him to make the diplomatic call between a peaceful tranquilizer and a deadly bullet.

Trump: Is the toddler near the gorilla?
Zookeeper: The animal is holding the child, sir.
Trump: Are onlookers at a safe distance?
Zookeeper: Yes.
Trump: Was the gorilla fed his daily and delicious ration of Trump steaks?
Zookeeper: Unclear.
Trump: Have we consulted our allies?
Zookeeper: Russia isn’t responding to our text, sir.
Trump: Engage.

It sounds so plausible.

Now, to be fair to Walker, a moment like this could – and I emphasize could – crack open a window into the character of the candidate. Like a really small crack. One you could barely see. But in this case, it didn’t.

Walker is now left defending his question because, I mean, does anyone apologize for anything these days? Even if he has second thoughts he would never admit to them. It was the best, smartest, most relevant question in the history of questions. #Totes. (Walker tweeted a link to all the outlets that piggy-backed on his question to do their own stories as proof of its relevance.)

And for that reason, while it may not have cracked open a window into Trump’s character, it may have opened a window into how off the rails this entire election season has become. What’s next…”Mr. Trump, would you have gone into pit lane for gas or coasted to the finish like Alexander Rossi? I’m asking for a friend.”

This post originally appeared on the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Indiana Forefront blog.