LEO AS WOODROW – – – Leonardo DiCaprio, fresh off playing J. Edgar Hoover, is set to embody the spirit of former President Woodrow Wilson in a new biopic.  Because, you know, the public has been waiting for a Woodrow Wilson biopic.

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH MARK – – – Luke Skywalker is shedding some lbs.  Preparing to return to the iconic role that made him famous (and the talk of Comic Cons worldwide), Mark Hamill is reportedly hitting the gym to physically prepare for his big screen return as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode VII.  Interestingly enough, the news was reported by Robert Englund, best known for playing Freddie Krueger in the Nightmare on Elmstreet Series (did you know that Englund convinced Hamill to audition for Luke?! Crazy!)

MILLENNIALS NO WANT HOUSE – – – Here’s another shock from the ongoing series of stories about the Millennial Generation: we aren’t buying houses.

THINK YOU HAVE BAD EAR WAX? – – – Check out this whale!  Scientists are studying a foot long log of ear wax to piece together the whale’s story.  Who needs a DVR or an iPhone to record life’s moments? Use ear wax!

DUDE! WIPE YOUR IPAD! – – – A study says there are more germs on our portable electronic devices than your office toilet. Seriously! Wipe your iPad, bro!

AS QUICK AS SOCIAL MEDIA COMES, IT GOES – – – Iranians got to experience the joys (or sorrows) of social media access for a short while, but then…POOF! Twitter and Facebook were gone again.

GET READY…JETPACKS ARE COMING! JETPACKS ARE COMING! – – – Get ready to strap in and head up because jetpacks are coming! Next up: hover boards.