Thanks to the fine folks at Roll Call, here are my thoughts on what we learned from Super Tuesday:

The time for consolidation is over: “The Bern is gone and the end is nigh for Vermont’s third favorite son (behind Ben & Jerry, naturally). Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee and Bernie should go back to caucusing with the Democrats in the Senate rather than pretending to be one on the campaign trail.

“Republicans, on the other hand, are showing in state after state that electability is not a top-tier qualification for the nomination. So we will move to the next phase of the campaign where the #NeverTrump movement splits into two: those intent on doing everything to derail him and those prepared to do the unthinkable and vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I can’t help but think this could have all been different if others had followed Scott Walker’s advice and dropped out back in September. But the time for consolidation is over. That ship has sailed. The only viable play is to encourage Marco, Ted, Ben and John to stick it out and dislodge Trump at the convention or wait for a credible third-party candidate.”

—Pete Seat, a former spokesman to President George W. Bush and an Indiana GOP consultant